We were founded by Dr. DB Palmer, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington; Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Utah; Licensed Professional Counselor in Oregon, Colorado, & Louisiana; and a Licensed Professional Counselor and board approved Clinical Supervisor in the state of Alaska, who has spent nearly 20 years in the behavioral health field, across Alaska and the western states. Dr. Palmer brings a background in corporate leadership within tribal and behavioral healthcare systems, as a university professor, and a former university counseling center director. In these roles, he’s taught and supervised quite a few of Alaska and Washington’s clinicians, developed programs and partnerships across Alaska, and has been on the forefront of technological advances in best practices within behavioral and social health. Dr. Palmer is a husband and father, an avid river runner and marathon canoeist, and manages to find time to operate a small team of Inuit Sled Dogs.
As our administrative and clinical team continues to grow in order to provide counseling in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Louisiana, and Washington, each of us works directly with Dr. Palmer, who is a hands-on team leader and mentor. Our team brings energy and enthusiasm to every client.