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COVID-19 Telehealth Response

Alaska Online Counseling, LLC responds to US State of Emergency Order

We have received a lot of questions and requests for services, and it is clear that we need to find a way to meet as many of the needs as we can during this national and global crisis. As a telehealth provider, AOC LLC is uniquely qualified to respond effectively, and we are announcing that we will immediately reduce our clinical rate for those affected by school shutdown, work from home (remote work) requirements, job loss, or other noted effects due to the COVID-19 outbreak. At this time, Alaska Online Counseling, LLC provides services to Alaska, Washington, & Utah and it is unclear whether the President of the United State has directed the federal government to lift restrictions on telehealth across state borders to include mental health services. We will update this page if new information arises.

At the present time, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are implementing the following steps to provide greater access to services:

  • Increased Office Hours
  • Increased Group Options
  • Increase number of Mini-Sessions

We are working quickly to reflect these steps in our clinical documentation, and we ask for your patience as we make this transition in order to provide greatly increased access to services.

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EAP Contract with ComPsych & Alaska Air Group

At the request of the world’s largest provider of EAP services, ComPsych, Alaska Online Counseling LLC is now an official provider for the Alaska Air Group.

We now provide Employment Assistance Program counseling to employees of all Alaska Air Group: Alaska Airlines, Horizon Airlines, & recently acquired Virgin Airlines for employees in Alaska, Washington, & Utah.

Now licensed in Utah!

Alaska Online Counseling, LLC is now available in Utah as an individual provider and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC). If you’re currently in the state, then Dr. Palmer is now available to provide telehealth counseling that is convenient and cost-effective.

Available for Counseling in:

  • Washington
  • Alaska
  • Utah

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A bit about you.

You’re looking for a less stressful way to see a counselor, without having to sit in a waiting room, having to negotiate Washington’s traffic, Colorado & Utah’s snow and backroads, or Louisiana and Alaska’s weather. If you’re in Oregon, you can also see us in-person or via Telehealth! You’re comfortable with seeing someone online, because you use a computer or your smart phone all the time, and it just makes more sense with your busy schedule. You’re not necessarily looking for long-term therapy, but you know that you could benefit from someone to check-in with on a regular basis… a counselor who can send you reminders throughout the week. You want flexibility and modern convenience.

This is why we started Alaska Online Counseling!

Service Options:
20-Minute Check-ins. These sessions offer you a chance to check-in with your therapist during a traditional office break, without having to race across town. Designed for those who could benefit from a less formal session, and they pair well with a traditional, longer session from time to time. Also… you can book more than one per week, which is a common choice.
40 & 60-Minute Sessions. Offering a more traditional counseling session, but from the convenience of your computer or smart-phone, and with extended hours to fit your schedule. If you don’t see a time that fits your needs, let us know!
Group Session- 45 minutes: We offer several psychotherapy process groups on the topics of relationships, executive coaching, and family life. Process groups can be a very helpful way to address ongoing issues, with the support of a counselor and supportive group.

Available for Counseling in:

  • Washington
  • Alaska
  • Utah
  • Louisiana
  • Oregon
  • Colorado