Alaska Online Counseling is a resource, providing tele-behavioral health counseling for Tribal Health Organizations, School Districts, & Health Foundations in Washington, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Louisiana, & Alaska.

We are working diligently to address the challenges that we’ve seen, first-hand. That challenge? Finding high-quality clinicians in our rural areas & schools. To meet this challenge, we started Alaska Online Counseling, LLC.

We develop partnerships with tribal health organizations, school districts, & health foundations and invest in being a supplement to their existing BH teams or designing a full-service solution where teams do not currently exist.

As budgets get tighter, partnerships with Alaska Online Counseling provide your organization a powerful cost-saving measure, as well as a mechanism to get clinical resources in place in a much quicker way. Not only are we able to get clients into care faster than is traditionally possible for tribal health organizations, due to the requirements of recruitment, hiring process, training/onboarding, and turn-over, etc… we’re also able to stay engaged longer, as we’re from Alaska.

We know the challenges. Our team is not new to the concerns, and we have great stability. Furthermore… our services aren’t just faster and more connected, they’re also less expensive!

If your organization could use this kind of additional support, we would love to speak with you.

We developed Alaska Online Counseling, LLC to meet the difficult needs of Alaska’s tribal health organizations, school districts, & health foundations and we stand ready to create partnerships that get your clients into care, quickly, economically, and reliably.

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