(Photo Courtesy of Advekit)

I recently joined Advekit, an online platform that helps my clients use their Out of Network insurance to pay for therapy. I’d love to invite you to try Advekit, to see if they can help you reduce the cost of our sessions. It’s completely free for you to use and they try to get you savings up front, or at least work toward your deductible.

Note: I also use Advekit to assist clients who utilize their Insurance Plans. Advekit saves us both money and time.

To register for Advekit, please click on the following link to visit my profile page, then select:

“Get Started”: https://www.advekit.com/therapists/db-palmer

Most therapists do not work directly with insurance providers, so Advekit helps you use your ‘out of network’ benefits to pay for therapy.

If you have a PPO plan, or think you might, please visit my Advekit page to create your profile. Advekit will prompt you to run your insurance and determine your coverage.

Here’s my URL, once again: https://www.advekit.com/therapists/db-palmer

Once you’re registered, I will process your billing via Advekit. After each of our sessions, Advekit will charge you either in full (toward your deductible), or only the amount you owe (if you’ve already met your deductible). You’ll only be charged after completed sessions, and you no longer have to worry about insurance claims, reimbursements, or paying me directly – they take care of it all!

If you have any other insurance questions, feel free to reach out to Advekit’s Billing team (billing@advekit.com) – they’re happy to help!

FOR THERAPISTS: If you’re already a practicing therapist, you may want to check this out for your own practice. https://www.advekit.com/?referral_code=7792649

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