You’re looking for a less stressful way to see a counselor, without having to sit in a waiting room, having to negotiate Washington’s traffic, Utah’s snow and backroads, or Alaska’s weather. You’re comfortable with seeing someone online, because you use a computer or your smart phone all the time, and it just makes more sense with your busy schedule. You’re not necessarily looking for long-term therapy, but you know that you could benefit from someone to check-in with on a regular basis… a counselor who can send you reminders throughout the week. You’d rather negotiate a rate than haggle with your insurance company. You want flexibility and modern convenience.

This is why we started Alaska Online Counseling!

Service Options:
15-Minute Check-ins. These sessions offer you a chance to check-in with your therapist during a traditional office break, without having to race across town. Designed for those who could benefit from a less formal session, and they pair well with a traditional, longer session from time to time. Also… you can book more than one per week, which is a common choice.
45-Minute Session. Offering a more traditional counseling session, but from the convenience of your computer or smart-phone, and with extended hours to fit your schedule. If you don’t see a time that fits your needs, let us know!
Group Session- 45 minutes: We offer several psychotherapy process groups on the topics of relationships, executive coaching, and family life. Process groups can be a very helpful way to address ongoing issues, with the support of a counselor and supportive group.

Available for Counseling in:

  • Washington
  • Alaska
  • Utah

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